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Leo Burnett UK Debuts Fresh Design Studio Initiative

Discover POPDesign's launch by Leo Burnett, a design studio crafting distinctive brand assets, leveraging pop culture for wider audience resonance.

Leo Burnett Unveils POPDesign: A Design Studio Championing Populist Brand Appeal

Leo Burnett has introduced POPDesign, an innovative design studio set to operate independently, boasting its unique business strategy and catering to a diverse set of clients. Spearheaded by David Allen, Leo Burnett's creative director of design, POPDesign will continue serving Leo Burnett's esteemed clients like McDonald’s, TUI, Morrisons, and Škoda while also seeking its clientele.

The studio aims to leverage Leo Burnett's strategic expertise to create distinctive assets for clients, tapping into pop culture's vibrancy to resonate with diverse audiences.

Under David Allen's leadership, Leo Burnett's design department has witnessed exponential growth, expanding from eight to 20 designers in just two years. Emphasizing a refined focus on social, digital, and motion, the team's evolution has significantly contributed to the agency's organic growth.

Carly Avener, CEO of Leo Burnett, highlighted Dave's instrumental role in driving the agency's growth, citing recent successes such as expanding their scope with Škoda and securing its social business. Avener believes the time is ripe for POPDesign to spread its wings, catering to clients independently while continuing its upward trajectory.

Situated at Leo Burnett UK's Chancery Lane offices, the POPDesign team comprises 20 conceptual designers with diverse expertise spanning social media, branding, packaging, illustration, and animation.

David Allen emphasized the studio's mission: crafting tools for populist brands to connect with a broad audience. POPDesign aims to create standout, accessible brand assets that resonate across demographics, embracing the challenge of offering brands a unique visual identity without alienating any segment.

POPDesign emerges as a venture poised to blend Leo Burnett's expertise with a fresh approach, focusing on creating distinct, widely appealing brand assets rooted in pop culture's universality. This initiative marks Leo Burnett's commitment to innovation and distinctiveness in brand design, offering clients a unique path to engagement and resonance in today's dynamic market.