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LG Launches Extensive Global Campaign to Reveal Revamped Brand Identity

Elevate your spirits with LG Electronics' latest global "Life's Good" campaign, a game-changer designed to inspire optimism in a post-pandemic world!

LG "Life’s Good" Campaign

Cue the drumroll, folks! LG Electronics is spreading waves of positivity that will reach every corner of the globe—yes, you heard it right, GLOBAL! In a sensational partnership with the creative wizards at Wolff Olins, LG's new "Life's Good" campaign is turning heads in some of the world's most iconic cities, from Dubai's glistening skyscrapers to New York's bustling Times Square.

Are you ready to have your spirits lifted higher than a skyscraper? LG aims to infuse a generous dose of optimism into our lives, especially as we tread the precarious path of the post-pandemic world. Jeongseok Lee, the Senior VP of LG, couldn't have said it better: "The new LG is infused with optimism and embodies the sentiment that 'Life's Good!’"

The company isn't just splashing snappy slogans on billboards. Oh no, they're laying down a roadmap to be a 'smart life solutions company,' communicating in ways that resonate with millennials and Gen Z. The campaign focuses on three core values: 'Uncompromising Customer Experience,' 'Human-centered Innovation,' and — get this — 'Warmth to Power a Smile.'

Tom Carey, the Senior Creative Director at Wolff Olins, is practically giddy with excitement about their collaboration: "We’ve rejuvenated the brand, bringing it to life with a smile and a wink." LG’s new persona aims to reach everyone—fashionistas, gamers, global tech partners—you name it!

So, wherever you are in the world, prepare for your day to get a bit brighter thanks to LG Electronics and their contagiously optimistic campaign. Because when LG says "Life's Good," they mean it for everyone!

Ready to embrace a world full of smiles and innovation? The new LG welcomes you to it!