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LG Unveils Stunning 32-Inch 4K Monitor with Built-In Smart TV Features

Explore LG's new MyView series - 32-inch 4K monitors in essence white, mild beige, cotton pink, and green, with smart TV capabilities and sleek design at competitive prices.

LG Unveils MyView: Stylish 4K Monitor-TV Hybrids at CES

LG wows tech enthusiasts at CES with its latest innovation - the MyView series. Available in essence white, mild beige, cotton pink, and cotton green, these 32-inch 4K monitor-TV hybrids are set to revolutionize your workspace or entertainment setup.

Taking cues from modern iMac designs, these displays boast adjustable stands, allowing personalized adjustments in height, tilt, and rotation. They double as smart TVs, equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, two built-in speakers, and dual HDMI ports, offering a seamless entertainment experience.

The LG MyView stands out with its IPS panel, ensuring superior viewing angles compared to Samsung's VA tech. Its three USB-C ports, offering 90W charging, outshine the competition's single USB-C with a maximum 65W output. Notably, the top-tier MyView is priced $100 less than its Samsung counterpart.

Running on webOS, LG's MyView promises more than just a monitor experience. With the potential to function akin to a Chromebook, users can access cloud services like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace without tethering to another device.

LG's $599.99 model, the 32SR85U, stands out with three USB-C ports delivering 90W output and includes a detachable webcam, boasting HomeKit compatibility for Siri controls. The $499.99 variants, 32SR83U and 32SR70U, offer varying specs and features, making them competitive options in the market.

While aiming to challenge Samsung's M8, LG's MyView seeks to fill the gap left by Apple's monitor selection. Beyond specs, it targets those seeking elegance on their desks, bridging functionality with aesthetics, making it a promising choice for those seeking a sleek, multi-functional display.