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LinkedIn Boosts Marketing Opportunities with New Ad Formats and Features

LinkedIn has introduced new ad formats, pre and mid-roll video ads, Conversation Ads, and Thought Leader Ads, offering marketers more opportunities for targeted engagement and increased brand exposure.

LinkedIn is innovating its advertising options by adding new ad formats and extending existing features to its platform. The professional networking giant aims to provide marketers with more ways to connect with its 930 million members, as well as its expanded Audience Network.

One significant addition is the introduction of pre and mid-roll video ads in Audience Network videos. As LinkedIn explains: "Marketers can tap into In-Stream Video ads to scale their campaign reach and connect with professional audiences across our network of publishers." The ads will appear in the beginning and middle of long-form video content on trusted publisher sites across the LinkedIn Audience Network. These new ad placements can be particularly useful for marketers wanting to extend their video content reach and enhance brand exposure.

LinkedIn is also broadening access to its Conversation Ads and Thought Leader Ads starting from July. Conversation Ads stimulate user engagement by prompting them to start a chat directly from an ad. The experience will be enriched with the new feature of company page messaging, allowing brands to guide interested users into a direct message chat from a Promoted post.

Thought Leader Ads offer businesses an avenue to promote content from verified employees within the LinkedIn app. These ads can be an effective way to demonstrate industry expertise and add a more direct human connection to promotional activities.

Lastly, LinkedIn is adding Audience Insights to its API, enabling third-party agencies to utilize LinkedIn insights for a more in-depth understanding of campaign performance and reach.

These new tools collectively present exciting opportunities for marketers to broaden their reach, maximize their promotions, and align their strategies with LinkedIn's usage trends.