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LinkedIn Enhances Sales Navigator with More Buyer Insights

LinkedIn boosts Sales Navigator with added buyer intent signals. This enables deeper insights into potential leads, based on client lists and LinkedIn activity.

LinkedIn is enhancing its Sales Navigator business dashboard with the introduction of innovative elements that offer deeper insights into potential leads and product interest. These are based on your existing client lists and LinkedIn activity, presenting new ways to leverage the platform for business growth.

Firstly, LinkedIn is unveiling a novel feature - the 'Account Hub.' This tool prioritizes your buyer listings, drawing upon a variety of data points. Account Hub sifts through your current buyer information, spotlighting potential opportunities, based on numerous factors. This feature also reveals opportunities to connect with account holders, aligning with their LinkedIn activity. LinkedIn suggests that sellers can access Account Hub daily to keep abreast of economic shifts impacting their target accounts and strategize on account prioritization using LinkedIn's proprietary customer-level buyer intent data. Tools like 'growth alerts' or 'high and moderate buyer intent' filters offer valuable insights into accounts that present strong potential for engagement.

This feature could serve as an effective conduit to discover new leads and optimize sales performance. By utilizing key signals, sorted by LinkedIn’s system, sellers are proactively prompted to engage with profiles.

Another exciting development is the integration of 'Product Category Intent' into Sales Navigator. This feature will display which products potential buyers are interested in, informed by their LinkedIn activity. Suppose a prospective buyer visits multiple product info pages within a specific category. In that case, Product Category Intent will spotlight that prospective customer in your Sales Navigator display, enhancing your chances of tapping into new opportunities.

The system utilizes a spectrum of signals to identify buyer intent, with a robust back-end infrastructure working to present you with the best opportunities as they emerge.

LinkedIn is also incorporating similar buying intent signals into its Search filters and introducing more purchase interest signals into its Sales Navigator alerts.

The following activities will now be visible in the Buyer Activity section on Account Pages and the new Account Hub:

  • Website visits: Sellers affiliated with companies having the LinkedIn Insights Tag installed on their corporate websites will gain a general profile of visitors to their corporate website.
  • New connections to colleagues: Identity of new LinkedIn connections to other Sales Navigator sellers and TeamLink users on your contract will be visible.

Further, LinkedIn is boosting its auto-save functionality, providing more flexibility to edit your CRM listings.

Priced at around $100 per month, depending on the chosen package, Sales Navigator is a premium sales solution not suitable for all businesses. However, it could be an invaluable asset to maximize your sales opportunities, leveraging LinkedIn data and activity.

The new features indeed enhance the platform. If you've contemplated investing in the platform, now may be an excellent time to explore the latest Sales Navigator features and how LinkedIn uses AI and process integration to spotlight opportunities.