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LinkedIn Experiments with AI for More Effective Ad Creation

LinkedIn is experimenting with generative AI within its Campaign Manager to aid users in creating more effective ads.

LinkedIn is conducting trials with generative AI in its Campaign Manager, aiming to assist users in devising more compelling language for their LinkedIn ads. The platform’s innovative AI option will propose multiple versions of ad copy and headlines, based on your company page, campaign insights, and AI capabilities. The system is engineered to take into account various factors such as ad objectives, the audience you’re targeting, and the audience you wish to attract.

However, with AI increasingly integrated into various LinkedIn features, the platform is beginning to feel more automated than human. LinkedIn currently uses AI for profile summaries, job descriptions, post creation prompts, InMail assistance, and generative messages for job candidates within its Recruiter platform.

As AI integrations become more prevalent, LinkedIn seems set to host an abundance of bot-generated content. This could pose potential problems, especially considering LinkedIn is a platform for showcasing personal expertise. It could also lead to misrepresentations and skewed views of individuals' professional capabilities.

In light of these concerns, the increasing amount of AI-generated content might erode trust in the app. For a platform that’s reliant on reflecting professional credibility, this may not bode well. Nonetheless, according to LinkedIn’s data, 56% of professionals are eager to use generative AI to produce more content in less time.

LinkedIn plans to continue testing its new generative AI features in Campaign Manager with a select group of North American customers, with expansion to more regions in the upcoming months.