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LinkedIn Offers Valuable Insights into Tech Marketing Trends: Report Reveals Key Findings on Decision-Makers and Marketers

LinkedIn has published its latest report on tech marketing, revealing some valuable insights into how decision-makers and marketers are approaching new purchases and shaping the industry. The report draws on responses from over 2,000 tech decision-makers and 2,100 marketers, offering a comprehensive overview of the latest trends in tech marketing.

One key finding from the report is that tech budgets are increasing, reflecting the rapid pace of change in the sector, with emerging technologies like AI and the metaverse driving investment in future-proof solutions. This presents an opportunity for businesses to connect with relevant solutions aligned with these concerns.

The report also identifies SEO and social media marketing as key focus areas for tech marketers, with white papers and trade shows in decline. The use of marketing automation tools is also on the rise, with 28% of respondents ranking them second out of twenty activities accounting for the largest proportion of marketing budgets, behind only social media advertising.

Communication is crucial in tech marketing, and the report shows that content needs to be useful, clear, and easy to understand, while also being relevant and credible. The research reveals that social media is the most popular channel for tech buyers seeking information, highlighting the importance of aligning outreach strategies with where decision-makers are seeking information.

Overall, LinkedIn's report offers a wealth of valuable insights into the current state of tech marketing and how decision-makers and marketers are shaping the industry. With emerging technologies and evolving mindsets driving change, it's essential to stay informed and adapt strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

For businesses operating in the tech sector, the report provides a valuable resource for strategic planning and offers valuable guidance on how to connect with decision-makers and shape the future of tech marketing. Download LinkedIn's full "Brand to Buyer" report to learn more.