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LinkedIn Tests AI-Generated Post Prompts: A Step Forward or Backward?

LinkedIn experiments with generative AI post prompts, raising concerns about the authenticity of user-generated content and the platform's professional value.

LinkedIn is experimenting with generative AI post prompts, following the introduction of AI-generated profile summaries and job descriptions. As demonstrated in an example shared by app researcher Nima Owji, LinkedIn's AI update assistant encourages users to share their ideas, then provides suggestions for a first draft of a post.

However, this feature could potentially lead to more inauthentic content in the LinkedIn feed, which is already notorious for its "hustle culture" posts. By using AI-generated opinions, the platform may lose its essence of real people sharing genuine insights and experiences. It raises the question of whether this AI integration will benefit or hinder professional connections on LinkedIn.

Microsoft, LinkedIn's parent company, has been actively integrating generative AI into its apps, which may explain LinkedIn's decision to follow suit. As these types of tools become more prevalent, the line between authentic human insights and AI-generated content may blur further.