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LinkedIn Trials AI-Driven 'LinkedIn Coach' to Enhance User Experience

LinkedIn is testing a new AI-powered tool, 'LinkedIn Coach', aimed at guiding users through profile-building and app usage. The move follows a series of recent AI integrations on the platform.

AI-Powered 'LinkedIn Coach' Being Tested by LinkedIn

LinkedIn seems to be on an AI integration spree. Following recent AI enhancements, such as AI assistants to pen your profile, optimize job ads, and generate trending feed posts, LinkedIn is now trialing a consolidated AI tool dubbed 'LinkedIn Coach'.

'LinkedIn Coach' is tailored to guide users through the diverse profile-building and app usage options. "Leverage AI to apply for jobs, learn new skills, and discover more ways to connect with your network," the application suggests. The tool essentially serves as an AI assistant specifically for LinkedIn. It can also answer helpful queries such as, 'What is Microsoft's culture?' presumably providing an objective, non-corporate response.

However, this AI guide to LinkedIn's other AI features might raise concerns. The app might result in users automating most of their interactions, potentially counterproductive for a platform aiming to connect real people with genuine opportunities.

The AI tool can create LinkedIn posts, thereby feigning expertise and experience. Users could simulate job applications more likely to succeed, but possibly less reflective of their actual skills.

In most cases, these tools could make hiring managers increasingly cautious, leading them to shift their interview process towards testing an individual's actual capacities, rather than relying on LinkedIn posts.

LinkedIn, following the path of parent company Microsoft, is embracing generative AI. The platform might risk its core offerings by increasing automation, potentially resulting in a hustle culture with bots trying to impress other bots. If feeds become dominated by simulated content and job applications start sounding identical, users might lose trust, thereby potentially eroding LinkedIn's essence.

Generative AI is indeed the trend, and when used judiciously in an assistive capacity, it can be beneficial. The question remains whether it will be used as intended, which seems doubtful.