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Mac Users Rapidly Adopt AI Apps: Key Insights from Setapp Survey

A recent study by Setapp reveals a surge in AI app adoption among Mac users, with 42% using AI-enhanced apps daily.

Mac Users Rapidly Adopt AI Apps

AI is rapidly making inroads into the Mac app ecosystem. According to Setapp's latest report, an astonishing 42% of Mac users leverage AI-infused apps daily. Furthermore, 63% of the respondents believe that AI-enhanced apps offer more value than their non-AI counterparts.

Setapp's report dives deep into the current trends of Mac app utilization. With a respondent base of 1,241, primarily from the U.S., the insights might not paint a global picture but certainly spotlight a burgeoning interest in AI within the Mac community.

Several top-tier AI apps are gaining traction, including Google's AI Bard and Bing, which integrated AI capabilities from OpenAI. Other AI-heavyweights in the list include Notion, Grammarly, Luminar Neo, Asana, and MacWhisper, to name a few. These applications harness the power of AI to augment their primary functionality, instead of merely acting as standalone AI platforms.

Mykola Savin, Setapp's product lead, emphasized how AI has been pivotal in enhancing the user experience across apps. Notably, while some users may face initial hiccups adapting to AI, once acclimated, they tend to heavily rely on these features.

Though Setapp has only recently started probing AI adoption in their annual surveys, the findings clearly underline the considerable footprint of AI in users’ daily Mac routines. Considering the average Mac user has 51 apps installed and accesses nearly 15 daily, the 42% who use AI daily underscore the AI revolution.

Mainstream apps like Microsoft Office, Google Office tools, and Adobe software are also embracing AI, suggesting users might be interacting with AI even more than they realize. The shift to AI is palpable, and with subscriptions eclipsing one-time purchases and AI-infused apps becoming staples, the Mac app horizon looks poised for a transformative journey.

To top it off, with 70% of respondents using Macs equipped with M1 or M2 chips, the potential for more advanced AI integrations in the future looks promising.