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Malfy Gin Launches 'Escape to a Malfy World' AR Campaign

Malfy Gin introduces ‘Escape to a Malfy World,’ an immersive AR campaign designed for those who relish travel, adventure, and style. The campaign is aimed at consumers aged 25 to 40 and takes you on a virtual journey inspired by Italy’s Amalfi Coast.

Malfy Gin Debuts AR Campaign

Pernod-Ricard-owned gin brand, Malfy, is taking spirits marketing to new dimensions with its groundbreaking augmented reality (AR) campaign, ‘Escape to a Malfy World.’

Developed in collaboration with creative agency Art of the Possible, the campaign is targeted at consumers aged 25 to 40. Taking cues from Italy’s picturesque Amalfi Coast, it appeals to those in search of the 'finer things in life' like travel, adventure, and style.

The campaign provides a 360-degree AR experience through your phone, social media posts, or QR codes found on over 300,000 Malfy bottles worldwide. Different ‘routes’ feature various settings inspired by the brand’s botanicals, including a hotel terrace overlooking the sea for the Con Arancia flavor and a pool scene for Con Limon.

“This is the first augmented reality experience for a gin brand,” proclaimed Carlotta Colkin, Pernod Ricard Malfy global brand director. “We’re offering fans a chance to select their own journey through a more beautiful and magical world.”

The campaign encourages sharing “Malfy Moments” across social channels, amplifying the immersive experience. Kat Patterson, Managing Director of Art of the Possible, said, “We aim to transport fans to a world they may dream of but might never visit, making everyday life a bit more special.”

This launch comes after Pernod Ricard recently canceled controversial plans to resume supplying drinks products to Russia, shifting its focus to more immersive and global initiatives like this AR campaign.

With ‘Escape to a Malfy World,’ Malfy Gin has set a new standard in spirits marketing. Through AR technology, it offers a unique, interactive experience that transports consumers to an aspirational world, forever changing how we interact with brands in the spirits industry.