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Manchester Agency Selected by OnePlusOne for Development of Innovative App

Manchester agency, Holdens, partners with OnePlusOne to create a support app for separating parents. This initiative aims to reduce the strain on the family court system.

Manchester Agency Selected by OnePlusOne for Development of Innovative App

In a significant move for separating parents, OnePlusOne, a renowned charity, has roped in Manchester-based agency, Holdens, to develop a novel app. This strategic partnership aims to assist parents in self-managing the separation process, with the broader objective of alleviating the burden on the family court system.

The app's pilot is scheduled for a launch later this year in collaboration with local authorities. It promises to provide an array of support, encompassing emotional, practical, and financial aspects to parents undergoing separation.

Olly Holden, the Production Director at Holdens, expressed the company's pride in partnering with OnePlusOne. He emphasized the app's potential in guiding parents through the multifaceted journey of separation. The ultimate goal is to foster better well-being for families, thus reducing the number of families resorting to court proceedings.

OnePlusOne has been a beacon of support since its inception in 1971, initiated by Dr. Jack Dominian MBE. The charity enjoys the patronage of notable figures such as Dame Judi Dench and Michael Buerk.

The collaboration marks a momentous occasion as Verity Glasgow, CEO at OnePlusOne, highlighted the upcoming app as the charity's first foray into this domain. Glasgow lauded Holdens for their keen understanding of the charity's objectives and aspirations. Dubbed 'Separating Better,' the app will blend OnePlusOne's expertise in developing digital behavioral change interventions with Holdens' imaginative approach. The initiative stands as a testament to their collective commitment to prioritizing children's best interests during separations.