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Manta Network and SPACE ID Reveal .manta Domains, Marking a Web3 Revolution

Join Manta Network's pre-registration for .manta domains. Get insights into auctions, advantages, and the future of Web3 identity!

Unlocking Web3 Identity: .Manta Domain Pre-registration and Beyond

Step into the cutting-edge landscape of Web3 with Manta Network's groundbreaking initiative alongside SPACE ID 3.0 infrastructure, unveiling the arrival of .manta domain names. The imminent pre-registration event presents an unparalleled opportunity for enthusiasts to grasp hold of their distinct .manta domains, marking a significant stride in the Web3 universe.

The fervor within the Manta Network community has been palpable as engaging activities and challenges paved the way to this monumental announcement. These activities not only fortified community ties but also offered members an early bird advantage to secure their exclusive .manta domains.

At the core of the .manta domain creation lies MANTA ID, harnessing the robustness of SPACE ID 3.0 infrastructure. This decentralized naming system is poised to intertwine seamlessly within the Manta Pacific ecosystem, enabling effortless integration across wallets, websites, and decentralized applications (dApps).

Owning a .manta domain extends a myriad of advantages, including forging a distinctive Web3 identity, simplifying addresses with memorable domain names, and facilitating Crypto and NFT transfers through .manta domains.

Unveiling the roadmap for pre-registration, auctions, and exclusive offers, the eligibility criteria focus on the active Manta community, rewarding past participants in quests and campaigns with a coveted spot on the pre-registration whitelist. Each Manta Domain Allowlist Ticket NFT contributes to the entitlement to claim up to seven .manta domains during this exclusive phase.

The pre-registration journey comprises two phases: an auction phase from Dec 22nd, 2023, to Dec 26th, 2023, succeeded by a first-come-first-serve (FCFS) registration phase from Dec 27th, 2023, to Jan 1st, 2024.

The auction phase, exclusively tailored for whitelisted members, spans five days and involves bidding on both new and existing domain names. Bids start at a minimum of 105% above the preceding bid, providing options for continuing bids or instant refunds if outbid. Successful bids grant rights for domain registration.

Post-auction, the FCFS phase empowers winners to secure their domains, while others can claim the remaining ones based on their allocated quotas. Unused quotas from the auction phase become available for utilization during the first-come-first-served phase. However, specific .manta domains remain reserved for ecosystem partners and projects, integral to the ecosystem and inaccessible for public registration.

Following pre-registration, .manta domain trading will thrive on Manta Network’s NFT marketplaces, reshaping decentralized identities within the Manta Network ecosystem and its expansive array of dApps. The Manta community eagerly awaits the surge of innovative domain names ushering in this dynamic evolution of Web3.