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Marcel Appoints Léoda Esteve as Managing Director

Léoda Esteve, Marcel's prodigy, steps up as Managing Director, joining hands with Blandine Mercier and Benjamin Taïeb, marking a transformative era for the agency.

Marcel Appoints Léoda Esteve as Managing Director

Marcel, a dazzling star in Publicis Groupe's vast universe, has penned a new chapter with Léoda Esteve's groundbreaking appointment as Managing Director. Joining stalwarts Blandine Mercier and Benjamin Taïeb, Léoda's ascension is pivotal as the agency reshapes its future, especially following the reins being passed from Youri Guerassimov and Gaëtan du Peloux to Charles Georges-Picot.

Leaving no stone unturned, Charles Georges-Picot has transitioned to New York, amplifying Publicis Luxe's global pursuits, trusting Marcel's legacy with the trio's collective prowess, fondly termed as “six presidential hands.”

Léoda Esteve, Marcel's homegrown prodigy, boasts an illustrious journey. She's been the force behind monumental campaigns that have enhanced Marcel’s stature, such as Intermarché’s earthy campaigns and the transformative rebranding of Transavia. With an envious knack for drawing big brands under Marcel's canopy like Kiehl’s and Orangina, she's indisputably fortified Marcel’s industry standing.

After illuminating Grey London for a brief spell in 2016, the Celsa Paris alum made a triumphant return to Marcel in 2018, embodying the adage - 'home is where the heart is.'

Pascal Nessim, Marcel's Co-President, echoed the sentiments, praising Léoda's unparalleled expertise and vision, vital for Marcel's continued metamorphosis. He celebrated the unity of the trio, cherishing their combined decade-long allegiance to Marcel.

A visibly elated Léoda Esteve remarked on her homecoming, expressing her enthusiasm to sculpt Marcel's destiny alongside her trusted colleagues, maintaining its distinct, dynamic spirit.

Reiterating her invaluable prowess, Marcel's Co-Presidents, Youri Guerassimov and Gaëtan du Peloux, lauded Léoda as an embodiment of unwavering dedication and unparalleled acumen. Her multidimensional industry knowledge, paired with her infectious zest, is set to amplify Marcel's unique blend of strategic precision and creative brilliance.