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MC2 Forms Training Partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University

MC2's groundbreaking partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University propels marketing education forward. Real-world experiences, recruitment days, and mentorship redefine student development.

MC2 Empowers Future Marketers Through Innovative Partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University

In a strategic move towards fostering the next wave of marketing talent, MC2, the employee-owned agency, has formed a groundbreaking partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University. This collaborative effort aims to redefine marketing education by introducing innovative training and development initiatives, creating unprecedented opportunities for students pursuing careers in marketing.

One of the highlights of this partnership was the inaugural entry-level recruitment day held at Bruntwood's Circle Square. The event welcomed 30 marketing students, providing them with the unique opportunity to engage in real-life briefs, refine their presentation skills, and receive instant feedback from MC2's senior PR and content professionals. This hands-on experience offers students a glimpse into the dynamic world of marketing and communication.

MC2 is taking its commitment further by delivering a series of lectures at the university, offering best practices in creating effective marketing campaigns. Additionally, the agency is conducting regular speed interviewing sessions, providing practical tips for students venturing into the job market for the first time.

This collaboration builds upon MC2's active involvement in Manchester Met's First Generation Scholarship Programme, an initiative supporting students who are the first in their families to pursue higher education. MC2 has already funded 20 scholars and provided them with valuable work experience opportunities, contributing to the agency's dedication to talent development.

Natalie Topham, Head of Content at MC2, expressed, "Talent development sits at the heart of everything we do at MC2." The partnership with Manchester Met reflects a commitment to making a meaningful impact on the community and nurturing talent that will shape the future of marketing.

David Colley, Senior Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, acknowledged MC2's proactivity and energy, stating, "MC2’s engagement with the university has been incredibly valuable, making a significant difference as we continue in our mission to make higher education accessible to all." This collaborative effort between MC2 and Manchester Met is not only transforming the educational landscape but is also creating a pathway for aspiring marketers to thrive in the real-world professional arena.