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McDonald's Unveils New Campaign Celebrating '90s Nostalgia

McDonald's is invoking 90s nostalgia to underscore its food sourcing quality over the years. The ad campaign aims to update public perception of the brand.

McDonald’s Leverages 90s Nostalgia for Food Quality Campaign

The golden arches are about to shine brighter as McDonald’s takes a trip down memory lane. The fast-food giant has collaborated with international agency Leo Burnett to develop a new advertising campaign focused on 90s nostalgia.

Titled “Keep Up With The Times,” the ads take jabs at 90s staples like landlines, faxes, and roller discos. A teletext-inspired ad will read, “We’ve been using 100% British and Irish beef since you were booking your holidays on here.”

Hannah Pain, McDonald’s UK & Ireland head of marketing, stated that the campaign is designed to confront outdated opinions about the brand. "Some people are still holding onto opinions of the brand that they'd formed 30 odd years ago,” she said.

To heighten the nostalgic feel, the campaign features 'old school' digital banners, 90s-themed out-of-home posters, and pop culture-inspired radio spots. Even in-store elements like tray liners and menu screens will sport a retro look.

In an interesting twist, McDonald's has partnered with The Times to display historical front pages and stories on tray liners.

Mark Elwood, Leo Burnett UK's executive creative director, said the aim is to change the perception people have of McDonald’s food sourcing practices using humor and nostalgia as vehicles.