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Meet & Potato Announces New Leadership Team

Meet & Potato, the powerhouse of creative event solutions in Liverpool, announces its new leadership team. Get ready for an exhilarating ride into the future of event management with Managing Director Karen Clarkson and CEO Jon Kelly at the helm!

New Leaders at Meet & Potato Revolutionize Event Management

Big changes are sweeping through Meet & Potato, Liverpool’s creative event juggernaut! Are you ready to experience event management like you’ve never seen before? Karen Clarkson, an industry stalwart, has been catapulted to the role of Managing Director! And that's not all. The visionary founder, Jon Kelly, is ascending to the CEO's chair to steer this amazing enterprise toward uncharted waters.

"Times are a-changin', and so are we," exclaimed Jon. Taking a step towards a more strategic realm, he aims to catapult the brand into a new orbit. "We needed a sharp, strategic mind to keep delivering that impeccable service our loyal clients adore. Who better than Karen to take the wheel?”

With nearly a decade at Meet & Potato, Karen Clarkson is not just a respected member of the team but a luminary in the wider event industry. "We're not just growing; we're evolving," said a visibly excited Karen. "The business landscape has been tough for everyone. Now it's time to seize the day and amplify our service quality to skyscraper heights!"

Karen will continue nurturing all client relationships, a crucial component for any service-based business. "I'm thrilled to take on this responsibility. It’s an exhilarating time for both our clients and our rapidly expanding team," she added.

With Jon focusing on groundbreaking strategies and Karen at the operational forefront, the new leadership duo is poised to redefine the way we experience events. Stay tuned, because Meet & Potato is about to turn the creative event space upside down!

Are you as pumped as we are? Get ready for an awe-inspiring journey with Meet & Potato's new leadership team!