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Meta Adds New Lead Generation Tools on Facebook

Unleash a streamlined shopping experience on Facebook with automatic in-stream discount codes and dynamic Lead Ads. Dive into the new era of lead generation with Meta.

In the fast-paced digital world, Meta (formerly Facebook) is revolutionizing your online shopping experience and taking lead generation to a whole new level. No more fumbling with discount codes at checkout or filling out lengthy forms. Your shopping experience on Facebook just got smoother, quicker, and savvier!

Ever been frustrated trying to remember or find that elusive discount code while checking out? Meta is eradicating this hassle. Select Facebook advertisers in the US, UK, Canada, and India are now offering in-stream discount codes that automatically apply when you’re ready to purchase. And, if you leave your cart unattended, a friendly reminder will pop up before the deal expires, making sure you never miss a bargain.

Lead Ads aren’t being left behind either. With the new dynamic question flow, your responses will guide the conversation. Imagine being a student and answering a question about your degree interest. The following questions will intelligently adapt to provide more information on your chosen program. The possibilities are endless!

Furthermore, Meta will soon allow brands to overlay Instant Forms on their business web page within Facebook's in-app browser. Imagine tapping a link and being able to interact with Facebook feedback forms right on the site. Talk about convenience!

Lastly, your website can get a boost with a lead gen form linked to the CTA button on your Facebook Page. Now, a 'Contact Now' button on your Page could lead to a private Messenger chat where visitors easily share their contact information. As DM interactions skyrocket, this feature makes starting a conversation with your brand a breeze.