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Meta Advocates for Legislation Requiring Parental Approval for Teens' App Downloads

Meta, amidst legal challenges and whistleblower revelations, suggests app stores and parents should manage teen app downloads. The move follows growing concerns over teen safety on social media platforms, raising questions about the effectiveness of self-regulation.

Meta Shifts Responsibility for Teen Safety to App Stores and Parents Amid Ongoing Controversy

In response to increasing scrutiny and legal challenges, Meta has proposed a shift in responsibility for monitoring social media usage among teens. The company's Global Head of Safety, Antigone Davis, suggests that app stores and parents should take charge of approving teen app downloads. This move comes amid a coalition of states suing Meta over concerns related to teen safety and the recent revelations from whistleblowers.

Despite ongoing legal battles, Meta argues that parental involvement in approving app downloads for users under 16 is a viable solution. The company supports federal legislation mandating parental approval for app downloads by users under 16, aligning with recent Pew research indicating strong public support for parental consent for teens on social media.

The proposal aims to bring app stores into the equation, relying on age guidelines already in place. However, critics argue that overriding parental discretion with app store requirements may raise questions about individual choice.

With 42 states and D.C. suing Meta over harms to teens, including body image issues and other concerns, the company's call for parental control may face pushback. The move also reflects Meta's response to a lack of federal regulations on online child safety, with states individually creating laws.

As the debate on how to regulate teen usage of social media platforms continues, Meta's proposal places a significant emphasis on parental responsibility and collaboration with app stores. The effectiveness of such a shift and its impact on teen safety remain key points of discussion in the ongoing controversy surrounding Meta's platforms.