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Meta and US Bank Join Forces to Empower API-Owned Businesses

Discover Meta's new partnership with US Bank, offering vital financial support and resources to API-owned businesses as they strive to grow and thrive.

In celebration of Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Meta is partnering with US Bank to create new pathways for financial support for API businesses. This innovative collaboration will offer financial literacy resources and dedicated programming to help Asian small businesses flourish.

"US Bank is excited to partner with Meta Prosper to offer additional financial resources to support Asian-owned small businesses. We know that many small businesses face prominent gaps, including access to information, connections, and capital. We are focused on providing our tools and resources to help these Asian small business owners so they can grow and thrive."

Meta will serve as a vital link between API businesses and the financial assistance tools provided by US Bank. Through Meta's extensive network, thousands of API-owned small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) will gain access to these valuable resources.

Asian American-owned businesses were disproportionately affected during the pandemic. Meta has been diligently working to offer additional support and assistance to help these businesses recover and thrive. Initiatives like this partnership are crucial in fostering recovery and growth for affected organizations.

While there is no immediate solution and some businesses may take years to regain profitability, Meta, utilized by over 200 million SMBs, can play an essential role in connecting businesses with the recovery assistance they need. Through this partnership, Meta and US Bank are empowering API-owned businesses to overcome challenges and achieve success.