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Meta Enhances Reels Monetization and Updates Payout Process for More Creators

Meta updates Reels monetization to a performance-based model, offering more creators the chance to grow and earn revenue.

Meta is updating its monetization program for Reels creators, shifting to a performance-based model rather than focusing on ads shown alongside their clips. The updated program will also be expanded to thousands more users as Meta aims to ensure its top creators are compensated, keeping them posting Reels content to the platform.

Launched last year, Meta's Reels ads program initially focused on ads shown with creators' content. However, the new payout model will pay creators based on their public Reels' performance, allowing them to concentrate on creating engaging content while Meta optimizes the ad experience for advertisers and users. This change addresses perceived inequalities in the system, as creators had no control over which ads appeared alongside their clips.

In the test phase, payouts will be determined by the number of plays, with better-performing Reels earning more for creators. Over time, Meta may incorporate additional signals into the payouts. The updated system offers greater monetization potential and follows a similar approach to YouTube, paying creators from a pool of Reels ad revenue instead of monetizing based on specific campaigns.

Meta will also enable more creators to join the monetization program, with invitations going out to those who have participated in previous Reels monetization initiatives. To maximize user engagement, Meta has been focusing on providing creators with more potential for growth and revenue, recognizing the importance of popular stars continuing to share content on its platforms.