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Meta Expands Checkmark Subscription Program to India: More Than Just Verification

Meta has expanded its Meta Verified subscription program to India. For a monthly fee, subscribers receive a blue checkmark on their Facebook and/or Instagram accounts and access to other benefits.

Meta has extended its Meta Verified subscription program to India, offering users a blue checkmark on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. A single subscription will not cover both platforms; therefore, users interested in verification on both platforms will need to subscribe separately, costing them at least $23.98 per month or $287.76 annually.

Beyond the blue checkmark, the subscription also provides various features. Subscribers will receive proactive account protection against impersonation, dedicated account support from Meta's team, exclusive stickers for Facebook and Instagram Stories, and Facebook Reels, as well as 100 Stars per month to allocate to other creators on Facebook.

Although the blue checkmark may be losing its exclusivity due to such paid programs, other features like dedicated account support can be invaluable to users. Some reports suggest users subscribing for a month to resolve their long-standing Meta account issues and then letting the subscription lapse.

However, Meta Verified subscribers will not get an increased reach for their posts, a benefit that was initially a part of the program but was subsequently removed. While Meta has not explained this change, it's speculated that the feature could negatively impact user experience or cannibalize Meta's ad offerings.

While official numbers on the Meta Verified uptake are not available, the expansion to India suggests that the program has gained traction.