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Meta Expands Horizon Worlds to Web and Mobile Platforms

Meta extends its Horizon Worlds experience beyond the Oculus Quest VR headset to web and mobile platforms. Discover how this expansion could change the landscape of social VR.

Meta's Horizon Worlds

Meta Platforms Inc. has announced that Horizon Worlds, their social Virtual Reality (VR) app, is breaking free from its Oculus Quest exclusivity by launching on web and mobile platforms.

By expanding to web and mobile platforms, Horizon Worlds aims to engage a much larger user base than its original Oculus Quest community. However, the real challenge lies in creating an engaging user experience across all devices.

Meta has not disclosed user statistics for Horizon Worlds, but reports indicate that the platform isn't bustling with activity. Its success on new platforms could be critical for its long-term viability.

In Horizon Worlds, players become their virtual avatars and can engage in various activities, from gaming to socializing. Users also have the ability to create and sell items, although Meta takes a hefty 47.5% cut from each sale.

Meta opened Horizon Worlds to teenagers earlier this year, a move criticized by Senators Richard Blumenthal and Ed Markey due to concerns about online safety. For teens, the app has a "garbled voices" feature that makes unfamiliar voices unintelligible.

In a lighter note, Meta is in the process of adding legs to the virtual avatars, enhancing the realism of the virtual world.

Meta's move to bring Horizon Worlds to web and mobile is a strategic expansion but comes with its set of challenges. The key to success will be whether the platform can offer an engaging experience to a broad audience, thereby breathing life into its social VR ambitions.

Don't have an Oculus Quest? Now you have no excuse not to dive into Meta's virtual world!