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Meta Experiments with a Carousel of Suggested Threads on Instagram

Meta aims to reignite interest in its Threads app by displaying a 'For You on Threads' carousel within the Instagram interface. This new feature follows a series of updates to revitalize the Threads platform.

Meta Rolls Out 'For You on Threads' Carousel on Instagram

Falling engagement numbers for Threads have prompted Meta to take action. The tech giant is now featuring a "For You on Threads" carousel within the Instagram interface, aiming to lure users back to Threads.

The "For You on Threads" carousel appears on Instagram with a direct button to open Threads. “We have added a number of new features to the app since launch, and are now making it easier for people to see the latest content from Threads directly on Instagram,” says a Meta spokesperson.

Earlier this month, Threads was updated to include a “Send to Instagram DM” feature, allowing users to share posts directly with Instagram friends. This appears to be part of a larger effort to tighten the integration between Instagram and Threads.

Meta also recently launched Threads on the web, targeting users who are more desktop-oriented. However, data from Similarweb indicates that this move hasn't resulted in a massive uptick in users. It seems that existing mobile users might have simply switched to desktop, resulting in a net gain of 51,000 active users in the U.S.

According to Chris Cox, Chief Product Officer at Meta, the company plans to add "retention-driving hooks" to Threads. The new carousel on Instagram appears to be a step in that direction.

On a related note, Meta started testing full-text search features for Threads in Australia and New Zealand. The feature is expected to roll out in other English-speaking countries soon.

Meta is pulling out all the stops to rejuvenate Threads. While these features show promise, it remains to be seen if they can meaningfully reverse the falling engagement trends for the Threads platform.

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