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Meta Extends Paid Verification Program to Include Business Accounts

Meta is set to launch a 'Meta Verified for Business' package, enabling companies to buy verified checkmarks. However, the move raises questions about the eroding value of verification badges.


Meta is all set to roll out a new paid verification service aimed specifically at businesses. Announced at the Conversations conference in Mumbai, the new package will allow companies to acquire verified badges for their accounts, but at what cost?

The Meta Verified for Business package will cost $21.99 per month when purchased through the web, and $27.99 if bought within the mobile app. A combination package for both Facebook and Instagram accounts is priced at $34.99.

Like X's controversial 'X Premium,' the paid verification model is criticized for diluting the perceived value of the verified badge. Critics argue that offering verification for purchase erodes its standing as a mark of authenticity.

Meta's new package promises to help brands "get discovered in new ways," although specifics have yet to be revealed. Could Meta introduce verified showcase panels in main feeds or special discovery elements?

Recent reports suggest dissatisfaction with Meta’s customer support for those who’ve bought the individual Meta Verified package. As Meta expands its program, the support system may become increasingly stretched, especially with more businesses coming on board.

Meta assured that the new expansion would not affect current badge holders, unlike X, which removed badges for all non-paying users. WhatsApp verification will also eventually be part of the offering.

If more businesses opt for paid verification, the service could become a must-have for all brands, lending it critical mass. On the flip side, if the service doesn’t provide real value, businesses may not see the point in maintaining it.

While Meta's new verification package promises increased visibility and authority for businesses, it also comes with the risk of diminishing the value of the very badges it aims to sell. As the platform pushes forward with this offering, only time will tell if it proves to be a beneficial move or a short-sighted strategy.