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Meta Introduces Branded Content Oversight in Ads Library

Meta unveils a new feature in its Ads Library that allows marketers to track branded content campaigns across Facebook and Instagram. The tool aims to offer insights into competitor partnerships and could shape future influencer collaborations.

Meta Adds Branded Content Campaign Oversight to Its Ads Library

Meta has unveiled a new feature in its Ads Library designed to give marketers more insights into branded content campaigns across Facebook and Instagram.

Accessible from the front page of the Ads Library, this feature allows marketers to use a dedicated search tool to investigate campaigns that have used Meta's Branded Content tags. Simply enter the platform and date range you're interested in, and search for any user by their username.

According to social media expert Lindsey Gamble, the tool provides an overview of the campaigns an influencer is participating in. You can also click through to see the actual content, offering insight into how brands and creators are collaborating. Additionally, you can search by brand name to see all influencer campaigns associated with a particular business.

The tool currently allows a date range of only the last seven days and may not display campaigns in real-time. This might explain why some active Instagram campaigns tagged with "Paid Partnership" might not appear immediately.

This move is in line with the upcoming EU Digital Services Act (DSA), requiring social platforms to offer greater transparency in paid promotions to better protect consumers. While aimed at EU users, the tool has been made available for all Ads Library users.

This feature could become an invaluable resource for marketers to gain a broader perspective on effective partnership strategies, understand the frequency of branded content campaigns, and improve their own influencer collaborations.

Meta's new branded content tracking tool in its Ads Library is a welcome addition for marketers. It not only supports the transparency initiatives driven by regulatory frameworks like the EU DSA but also empowers marketers to make more informed decisions in their influencer partnerships.

You can explore this new feature in the Ads Library.