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Meta Introduces Branded Content Tools and Government Labels on Threads

Meta plans to add branded content tools and government-affiliated labels to Threads, potentially boosting influencer marketing strategies.

New Branded Content Tools Coming to Meta's Threads.

Meta is taking significant steps to incorporate branded content tools on Threads, which could pave the way for influencer campaigns within the fast-growing app. Meta plans to expand its branded content tools to cover Threads, aiming to prevent undisclosed and technically illegal brand and product endorsements within the app.

Although Instagram's branded content tools are currently not available on Threads, Meta is working to quickly rectify this, opening doors for marketers to explore paid promotions. However, Meta stated that paid promotions won't be accessible on Threads until the app achieves an unspecified mass adoption level.

Branded Content tools, including in-stream partner tags, would provide an alternate method to promote products in the app, while ensuring proper disclosure in compliance with evolving rules. At this stage, Meta prefers to focus on growth, keeping ads out of the app. Still, the company anticipates some marketers to run affiliate programs requiring disclosure, necessitating these branded content tools.

Even though Meta's move to implement this feature may not be entirely by choice, it may provide marketers with a way to start incorporating Threads into their marketing strategies.

Meta is also planning to include government-affiliated media labels on relevant Threads accounts, aligning with its established regulatory practices and fact-checking indicators. This move was disclosed in response to an Australian inquiry into foreign interference, with Meta prioritizing the addition of these labels.