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Meta Introduces Exciting New Feedback Options on Reels to Enhance User Experience

Hold onto your hats, social media enthusiasts! Meta is taking your Reels experience up a notch by introducing new feedback options to better align with your preferences, all while showcasing Reels – its fastest-growing content format – in more areas of the platform.

Firstly, Meta is simplifying feedback control options on Reels clips, allowing you to easily indicate what content you'd like to see more or less of in your feed. With the new 'Show more' and 'Show less' options accessible through the three-dot menu on any Reels clip, you'll have more control than ever before. Meta will also prompt users for direct feedback at the bottom of the screen to ensure their algorithmic recommendations stay in tune with your interests.

As Meta explains, "Selecting 'Show More' on a Reel will temporarily increase its ranking score and for Reels like it. Selecting 'Show Less' will temporarily decrease its ranking score. By capturing your direct feedback, we’re able to make Reels ranking smarter and more attuned to your preferences."

Similar mechanisms have been successfully employed on TikTok and other short-form formats, providing a vital feedback loop. This is particularly important as algorithms become less dependent on users' social graphs.

In fact, Meta recently shared that AI now recommends over 20% of content displayed in Facebook feeds, while on Instagram, AI accounts for 40% of in-stream content recommendations. As Meta moves away from relying on connections to dictate content, quick response options like these play a crucial role in guiding the algorithm towards your interests.

Additionally, Meta is introducing contextual labels on the Reels player to clarify why certain Reels appear in your feed, such as "because a friend of yours liked it."

But that's not all! Meta is also making it easier to access Reels clips in the Watch feed, adding a new Reels shelf at the top of Facebook Watch for a seamless transition between Reels and long-form videos. This is a smart move considering the rapid growth of Reels and its significant role in increasing user time spent in-app.

So gear up to embrace a more personalized, interactive Reels experience with Meta's exciting new feedback options and enhanced content accessibility!