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Meta Nears Launch of Next-Generation Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses

Meta is about to unveil the next iteration of its Ray Ban Stories glasses, promising groundbreaking features for live-streamers. Get the inside scoop on how this could change the game for content creators.

Meta’s New Ray Ban Stories: A Game-Changer for Live-Streaming

If you've been keeping an eye on the tech space, you'd know that Meta's 2023 “Connect” AR/VR conference is just around the corner. But that's not the only buzz! The next iteration of Meta’s Ray Ban Stories has recently appeared in the FCC’s product ID listings, signaling an imminent release.

The new version of Meta’s camera-equipped glasses comes with some tantalizing features. Thanks to a partnership with Luxottica, the owner of Ray-Ban, Meta is working to make these smart glasses more fashionable than robotic. The plan is to make them more appealing to the ever-growing community of live-stream video stars. The next-gen glasses will reportedly allow wearers to stream video directly to Facebook and Instagram. And it doesn't stop there! Viewers can even interact with the streamer in real-time.

This could be a big deal. Live-streaming, once a fleeting trend, is making a strong comeback. Remember Meerkat in 2015? These glasses could bring a similar moment of disruption. The potential to create more engaging, point-of-view clips could revolutionize how live-streaming is done, allowing streamers to take on audience dares and increase in-stream donations.

Despite the excitement, it's worth noting that the first wave of Ray Ban Stories wasn't exactly a hit. Reports suggest that over 90% of initial users have since abandoned the glasses, and sales have been lackluster. However, Meta views these glasses as a stepping stone to its full-feed AR glasses still in development. The aim is not just to sell glasses but to build a robust production pipeline for future releases.

If Meta can make its Ray Ban Stories appealing even to a niche group of streamers, it could attract more users and breathe new life into the product line. This in turn could lead to new types of interactive experiences and possibly kick off entirely new content trends.

So, mark your calendars for Meta’s Connect conference on September 27th and 28th, where all will be revealed. It could very well be a watershed moment for the world of live-streaming and wearable tech. Stay tuned!