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Meta Rolls Out Mobile Beta Testing for Horizon Worlds

Meta opens up beta testing for Horizon Worlds on mobile devices, aiming to engage a wider audience in its metaverse vision. This offers another gateway into its VR social environment.

Meta Launches Horizon Worlds Mobile Beta to Boost Metaverse Adoption

Meta has taken yet another leap towards realizing its vision of a metaverse by inviting users to beta test Horizon Worlds on mobile devices.

The Horizon Worlds mobile experience is designed to mimic gaming apps, providing an interface where users can control avatars and interact with VR players. This aims to capitalize on how the next generation of users are already engaging in social interactions—primarily online, in virtual worlds like Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox.

Although the VR avatars are still a work in progress (they don't have legs yet!), mobile avatars do. This discrepancy reflects the ongoing tweaks Meta is making to optimize user experience in Horizon Worlds.

Meta aims to use Horizon Worlds as the base for its next-level social interactions, ultimately hoping to encourage more people to adopt its expanding VR universe. With the upcoming release of its Quest 3 headset, Horizon Worlds could be rolling out more broadly at just the right time.

While the metaverse concept has not yet gained mainstream traction, Meta's Horizon Worlds mobile beta could be a crucial step in getting there. By making the metaverse more accessible, Meta hopes to convert more traditional internet users into metaverse enthusiasts, especially as younger users grow up immersed in similar online environments.

To learn more about the Horizon Worlds mobile beta, click here.