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Meta Sets Sights on Apple's Vision Pro with Economical Headsets and No-Controller Design

Meta is gearing up to take on Apple's Vision Pro with a controller-free, affordable VR headset strategy, showing the company's commitment to mainstreaming its VR tech.

Meta's affordable VR headset designed to challenge Apple's Vision Pro.

In an industry as dynamic as virtual reality, strategy realignments are often inevitable. Currently, it seems Meta is recalibrating its VR roadmap to go head-to-head with Apple's Vision Pro. The announcement of Apple's Vision Pro has evidently led Meta to rethink its Quest headset marketing strategy, pushing the company to aim for a wider user base by making its VR technology more accessible and affordable.

A noteworthy revelation from Mark Gurman's Power On newsletter indicates that Apple's VR developments have resonated deeply within Meta. The tech giant is now seen to be adjusting its focus from solely promoting immersive metaverse experiences to emphasizing practical uses of VR, such as gaming and productivity. This shift signals Meta's acknowledgment of the Vision Pro's grounded approach, even if the latter's price tag remains sky-high.

Another exciting aspect of Meta's strategy is the rumored Ventura headset – aiming to be even more affordable than the Quest 3. While the Vision Pro sits in a premium pricing bracket, the Quest 3 costs merely a fraction of that. To further its affordability initiative, Meta is considering omitting controllers from the bundle, encouraging users to rely on hand gestures or purchase controllers as an add-on.

While Apple and Meta seem to be targeting different consumer bases, the reality is that the current VR market mainly comprises early enthusiasts. As the VR market matures and expands, it's crucial for Meta to redefine its offerings and stand distinct, ensuring that their products don't end up being mere flashes in the pan.