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Meta to Discontinue Messenger Lite for Android in September

Meta pulls the plug on Messenger Lite for Android! Find out what’s next for millions of users and the future of messaging with Meta.

Messenger Lite

Wave goodbye to minimalism, folks! Meta has just made a game-changing announcement that will send ripples through the Android community. They're officially retiring Messenger Lite, their no-frills version of the Messenger app, come September 18, 2023!

If you're a Messenger Lite user, you might have noticed a prompt nudging you to "use Messenger to keep chatting." That's right—the clock is ticking, and the days of enjoying Messenger's core features on your low-end Android phone are numbered. So what does Meta suggest? Jump aboard the original Messenger or FB Lite train to keep your chats going!

Rewind to 2016 when Facebook (now Meta) decided to roll out Messenger Lite for Android. Aimed at less powerful devices, it was a stripped-down wonder that saved you precious storage space and computational power. It briefly had a fling with iOS but called it quits in 2020.

According to mobile analytics heavyweight, Messenger Lite had garnered an astounding 760 million downloads globally! India led the download race, followed by Brazil and Indonesia, while the U.S. slid into the eighth spot.

But why is Meta pulling the plug, you ask? Well, the company has been on a tear of changes lately, like dropping SMS support in Messenger. Yes, starting September 28, you'll no longer be able to shoot text messages via Messenger. On the brighter side, Meta is doubling down on security, promising end-to-end encryption for Messenger by year-end.

The future of messaging is evolving, and Meta seems keen on reshaping how we all communicate. Even though Messenger Lite will soon be part of messaging history, the big daddy Messenger app is gearing up to keep us all connected, but with added layers of security.

So folks, it's time to make the switch, stay secure, and continue enjoying the perks of Meta's evolving messaging ecosystem!