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Meta Unleashes the Blue Tick Wave: UK Users, It's Your Turn to Get Verified!

Unleashing the power of blue! Meta's verified subscription program, Meta Verified, is ready to make waves in the UK, offering users the chance to grab their blue tick on Facebook and Instagram.

Get ready, UK! Meta is unrolling its blue-tick bounty! Unveiled first in Australia and New Zealand, and later in the US, the 'Meta Verified' subscription program is finally reaching British shores. But what's the catch? Let's dive in!

In February, Meta initially debuted its verified subscription, offering users the coveted blue checkmark on Facebook and Instagram. Not long after, Meta decided to revamp its strategy. Originally, Meta Verified profiles enjoyed an increased reach potential, a feature similar to Twitter Blue. However, following a trial period in Australia and New Zealand, Meta decided to reassess the value of this feature.

Wondering why? Though Meta hasn't explicitly disclosed the reasons, one could speculate it interferes with their ad offerings. Imagine paying for post boosting, then seeing similar perks offered to Meta Verified subscribers. It's a bit like buying a first-class ticket, then watching everyone else get bumped up for free.

Twitter's been down this road, with some of its blue checkmark accounts drawing flak for low-quality content. So, does paying for more visibility necessarily guarantee more engagement? Not quite. Sometimes, the users, not the algorithm, might be the problem.

Regardless, if you’re thinking about jumping on the Meta Verified bandwagon in the UK, note that the reach boost is no longer included. However, the direct account support feature is a boon for those grappling with lingering issues.

Blue checkmarks used to signify trust and credibility. But with anyone now able to purchase one, their value is somewhat diluted. Yet, it's interesting to see Meta and Twitter raking in more revenue than ever from this feature, though only a fraction of users opt for it.

As original posting on social media dwindles, the question arises - why would someone pay for a blue tick? Regardless, Meta, like Twitter, can benefit from this extra source of income, however minor compared to ad revenue.

UK users can now get Meta Verified for a monthly fee of £12 via iOS or Android, or £9.50 if subscribing directly from Meta on the web.