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Meta Unveils Cost-Saving Bundle for Dual Verification on Facebook and Instagram

Meta offers a new cost-effective package for acquiring the blue checkmark across Facebook and Instagram. Will this affect the value of social media verification?

New Meta Bundle Offers Facebook and Instagram Verification.

Craving that blue checkmark on your Facebook or Instagram profile? Meta’s new ‘Meta Verified’ program now has a package deal for you. You can get your posts across both platforms verified for a discounted rate, elevating your social media presence without breaking the bank.

The verification bundle comes at a price of $42 per month, or $504 per year. Although it's a substantial sum, it's cheaper than the initial $US11.99 per month per platform. Despite the cost, the allure of seeming like a social media heavyweight might be hard to resist for some users.

Meta Bundle Offers Facebook and Instagram Verification

However, the path Meta has chosen – requiring individual subscription for each platform to get the sought-after blue tick – has sparked some debate. Some might argue this strategy is a money-grab, targeting users who are keen to boost their virtual status.

Critics caution that the sale of verification ticks could devalue the symbol, as anyone with enough disposable income can now purchase it. While the blue checkmark may still hold some prestige on Instagram and Facebook, the commercialization of this symbol might lead to an increase in skepticism among users.

The Meta Verified program does come with an added perk – dedicated, in-person customer support – which might appeal to some subscribers. However, with the growing cynicism surrounding the meaning of the checkmark, it's uncertain whether this is a worthwhile investment.

Despite this, the allure of flaunting a blue checkmark next to a username is undeniable for some users, and the number of people willing to pay for it might still validate the program's existence. However, the decline in value for the actual celebrities – those who draw massive user engagement on these platforms – raises questions about the sustainability of this business model.