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Meta Unveils New Video Features for Facebook to Match User Trends

Meta is introducing new video enhancements for Facebook as part of its transformation into an entertainment platform. The 'Watch' tab is now the 'Video' tab, becoming a one-stop-shop for all video content.

Meta's New Video Enhancements Aim to Boost User Engagement.

In an attempt to match user trends and align with the broader industry, Meta has announced new video features for Facebook. Firstly, Meta is renaming the 'Watch' tab to 'Video', indicative of its expanded video offerings that extend beyond the original programming in the Watch feed. The 'Video' tab is set to become a hub for all types of video content, including Reels, long-form, and Live content.

Reflecting TikTok's successful approach, Meta has shifted from professionally commissioned content to user-generated, top-performing content that is algorithmically matched to individual users. This move has increased the time spent on Facebook and Instagram as AI-matched video content appearing in users' streams keeps them hooked.

The company has also redesigned its video Explore elements to better highlight popular video topics and facilitate more short-form video creation by integrating Reels editing tools into the main feed. These changes aim to encourage users to spend more time on the platform, discovering relevant top-performing content.

In addition, users can now upload HDR videos for Reels, a feature that promises a higher-quality video format. Another new feature allows users to view and comment on Instagram Reels recommended to them on Facebook without having to switch between apps, which could boost engagement.

However, Meta faces challenges as both content creation and engagement on Facebook and Instagram are reportedly declining. The company hopes that these new video features will counteract this trend by offering more entertaining video content and maintaining user interest.