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Meta's Threads App Launch in EU Delayed, Instagram Chief Claims High User Retention

Instagram Chief, Adam Mosseri, has confirmed that it could take 'many months' for Meta's new Threads app to be available in the EU, citing compliance with the upcoming EU Digital Markets Act. Despite this, he claims user retention on the platform is performing better than expected.

Threads App EU Launch Delayed.

Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri has stated that the availability of Meta's new Threads app in the European Union (EU) may be delayed for 'many months' due to compliance with the EU Digital Markets Act (DMA). Despite this delay, Mosseri has claimed that user retention on the Threads platform is performing better than expected, despite declining daily active users and average time spent on the app.

Threads, a new Twitter-like app by Meta, has been launched virtually everywhere except Europe. The DMA targets large corporations with substantial control over how users access apps and other processes and aims to prevent firms like Google and Apple from prioritizing their own products. In this context, this also applies to Meta, as Threads is a derivative of Instagram.

In addition to this, EU users have been barred from accessing Threads via VPN, forcing them to rely on other platforms such as Twitter. Despite these challenges and a reported decrease in engagement, Threads has already garnered 114 million members.

While Mosseri admits that Threads still needs to improve its features, including a follow feed, a desktop app, and improved recommendations, he notes that the fact that so many people are interested and enjoying the Threads experience indicates a solid foundation. This comes despite the absence of EU users, and the app's future improvements are anticipated to further boost engagement and retention.