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Meta’s Twitter rival Threads is set to arrive on July 6th, but not in the EU, thanks to stricter privacy laws.

Meta's upcoming Threads app stirs controversy due to privacy issues, raising doubts about its launch in the European Union amid stringent regulations.

Meta's Threads App stirs up privacy concerns ahead of its launch.

Hold on to your hats, tech enthusiasts! Meta's much-anticipated Twitter rival, Threads, may not have hit the App Stores yet, but it's already swimming in a sea of controversy. With the app set to collect an array of personal data, including health, financial details, and precise location, it's shaping up to be a potential privacy minefield.

Let's not forget, Meta, formerly known as Facebook, earns its bread and butter by tracking and profiling users for targeted advertising. Considering its history, the privacy issues raised by Threads are hardly unexpected. But it does pose a major question – will the app see the light of day in the European Union (EU)?

Earlier this year, Meta's legal basis for processing personal data on Facebook was deemed unlawful in the EU. Despite switching to a claim of "legitimate interest," recent court rulings indicate that this might not cut the mustard either. With impending EU regulations like the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act, Meta's path seems littered with legal roadblocks.

That's not all. A whopping $1.3BN fine was recently slapped on Meta for GDPR violations pertaining to data exports. While this order was specific to Facebook, there's no guarantee that other Meta services, like Threads, wouldn't face similar repercussions if they don't adequately protect user data.

Threads' launch poses a significant challenge to Meta's commitment to comply with EU regulations. Its existing model of surveillance advertising, fraught with data-harvesting and attention farming, isn't sitting well with the EU's stringent privacy norms. The rebranding to Meta was an attempt to detoxify its image, but attaching Threads to Instagram’s brand raises questions about the effectiveness of this rebranding exercise.

As of now, Threads’ European dream remains uncertain. Reports suggest that Threads won't launch in the EU, with legal uncertainty around data use being a major hurdle. While Meta hasn't confirmed these reports, it's evident that the company is treading on thin ice, especially with the impending DMA just around the corner.

But hey, there's good news for our friends across the pond! Threads is set to launch in the UK, where the regulatory framework differs significantly from the EU's. Given the UK’s stance on data protection and its impending data reform bill, Meta might face less legal risk there.

Meta's journey with Threads has only just begun, and it's already proving to be a rollercoaster ride. As we wait with bated breath for its launch, it remains to be seen how Meta navigates the murky waters of privacy norms and data protection regulations.