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Michaels Unveils New Brand Identity to Celebrate 50 Years of Crafting

Michaels unveils an exhilarating brand refresh celebrating 50 years. Dive into a world where every craft idea finds its canvas!

Michaels' Brand Makeover: 50 Years of Crafting Brilliance

Celebrating half a century in the craft industry, Michaels has unveiled a dynamic brand refresh that screams “Everything to Create Anything.” This rebranding isn't just a coat of new paint; it's a complete reimagination and an invitation to all crafters. Dive into the new world of Michaels, where every idea finds its canvas!

The iconic Michaels logo still sports its signature red, but now it's emboldened with contemporary fonts, captivating accent colors, and graphics that literally pop. It's not just a brand; it's an experience. Three new ads underscore Michaels’ promise: unparalleled inspiration, unmatched product range, and unwavering guidance. Mandy Rassi, Michaels' marketing maestro, passionately expressed, "Our customers’ boundless creativity fuels Michaels. Being part of their creative journey is truly special."

In collaboration with the renowned OKRP agency from Chicago, this makeover wasn't just skin-deep. Deep dives into customer insights, competitor analytics, and an innate understanding of artists and creators formed its backbone.

Feel the Michaels vibe everywhere - from online platforms, electrifying digital marketing, to in-store experiences across its sprawling 1,300 outlets in the U.S. and Canada. Andrea Knowles, the brains at OKRP, gushed, "Michaels isn’t just a store; it's a sensory delight. Our design mirrors this vibrancy, texture, and yes, a sprinkle of glitter!"

This revamp also shines a spotlight on Michaels' recent digital leap - an expansive online marketplace teeming with over 750,000 curated items from eclectic sellers.