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Microsoft Integrates Microsoft To Do, Planner, and Project into a Unified Microsoft Planner within Microsoft Teams

Explore Microsoft Planner, the integrated planning solution merging Microsoft To Do, Planner, and Project for seamless task and project management. Launching in Teams in 2024, this unified platform introduces AI-driven features for efficient planning.

Microsoft Unveils Unified Planning Experience 'Microsoft Planner' in Teams and Web

Microsoft takes a significant step toward streamlining task and project management with the announcement of "Microsoft Planner" at its annual Ignite conference. This unified experience will bring together planning tools like Microsoft To Do, Microsoft Planner, and Microsoft Project into a cohesive platform. Initially launching in Microsoft Teams in the spring of 2024, with a subsequent web version in late 2024, Microsoft Planner aims to provide a seamless planning experience for users, integrating to-do lists, kanban-style planning, and comprehensive project management.

As part of this integration, Tasks by Planner and the To Do app in Microsoft Teams will be rebranded as Planner, while the renaming of Microsoft Project for the web will follow in the coming months. The move is designed to offer a unified solution that caters to a range of planning needs, from individual task management to complex project oversight.

One notable feature is the introduction of a copilot in Planner, leveraging AI capabilities to assist users in planning tasks more efficiently and providing intelligent suggestions for new tasks. By consolidating these disparate planning experiences under the umbrella of Microsoft Planner, the company aims to enhance collaboration, efficiency, and organization across various planning scenarios. Stay tuned for the unified planning experience, poised to transform the way individuals and teams approach task and project management within the Microsoft ecosystem.