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Microsoft Teams' Enhanced App: Faster & Redesigned for Windows and Mac Users

Microsoft unveils a revamped Teams app, promising a 2x speed boost and 50% less memory usage. Available now for Windows and Mac users.

Microsoft’s faster and redesigned Teams app now available for Windows and Mac

Microsoft has unveiled an optimized version of its Teams chat client, designed for both Windows and Mac users. This enhanced Teams application promises remarkable improvements in speed and efficiency.

The key highlights from this release include:

  • Performance Boost: Microsoft claims the revamped Teams is twice as fast and consumes half the memory compared to its predecessor.
  • Quick Installation & Launch: Users can expect a three-fold increase in installation speed. Plus, joining or launching meetings will be twice as swift. Not to mention, the app now consumes 70% less disk space.
  • Tech Overhaul: These gains stem from Microsoft's transition from the Electron foundation to its Edge WebView2 technology and the adoption of the React JavaScript library. Additionally, the Fluent design language system brings aesthetic and functional improvements to the user interface.
  • Richer Features: Microsoft has addressed the features previously missing in the preview version. The new Teams now boasts an almost full feature parity, enriching user experience and facilitating efficient communication.
  • Exclusive Features on the Horizon: Moving forward, all new features will be exclusive to this latest version. Thus, businesses are encouraged to upgrade for the best experience.
  • Mac Optimizations: macOS users will especially benefit from this update. The app now offers a smoother scrolling experience and swift transitions between chats and channels, leveraging the power of Apple silicon for an enhanced experience.
  • AI-Powered Copilot: This feature is set to revolutionize meeting summaries, pinpointing action items and key conversation threads, making collaborations more effective.

Microsoft is facilitating an effortless transition to the new Teams. Enterprise users can easily upgrade via a toggle. By December, this new client will become the default app in the monthly enterprise channel.

With these updates, Microsoft aims to bolster the Teams experience, redefining the future of digital collaboration.