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Microsoft to Introduce New Default Theme and Font for Office in September

Get ready for a facelift in your Office apps! Microsoft announces the roll-out of its brand-new default theme, introducing the Aptos font and a revamped color palette this September.

Microsoft Unveils New Office Theme & Aptos Font in Sept

Microsoft Office aficionados, brace yourselves for a delightful transformation! This September, your beloved apps - be it Word, Excel, Outlook, or PowerPoint, are donning a fresh attire. The iconic software giant is ushering in a revamped default theme, enriched with the sophisticated Aptos font, dynamic color shifts, and refined line weights.

Bidding adieu to the long-reigning Calibri, after an impressive 15-year reign, Aptos is all set to become the crown jewel of Office's typeface. Complementing this are noteworthy adjustments in the default style and color tones. Gone is the conventional yellow, making way for a rich dark green. Additionally, a lighter blue hue has transitioned into a deep, mesmerizing teal, ensuring more vibrant contrasts for your Office creations.

Aiming for documents that are not just visually appealing but also exude professionalism, the modifications promise enhanced readability and streamlined navigation. As Jess Kwok, the brain behind Microsoft 365 apps, aptly notes, the refresh intends to amplify user convenience and present a more polished interface.

Having been in the testing phase with the Microsoft 365 Insiders since July, Microsoft is all prepped up to unveil these exciting changes to its global user base in September. So, gear up to experience Microsoft Office like never before!