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Microsoft to Retire WordPad After Nearly Three Decades

WordPad, the basic word processor included in Windows since 95, is set for removal. Microsoft is steering users toward Microsoft Word and Notepad as alternatives.

Microsoft to Remove WordPad from Windows

In a nostalgic yet inevitable move, Microsoft has announced that WordPad, the rudimentary word processor that debuted with Windows 95, will be removed from future Windows releases. Microsoft has decided to focus on Microsoft Word and recently updated Notepad as the go-to apps for text-based documents.

Microsoft has decided to pull the plug on WordPad updates, paving the way for its removal in upcoming versions of Windows, likely starting with Windows 12 in 2024. WordPad's minimalistic features have seen minimal updates, especially when compared to its advanced sibling, Microsoft Word, and the newly polished Notepad app.

Interestingly, Microsoft seems to be beefing up Notepad, the other basic text editor in Windows. Features like autosave and tab restoration have been introduced, hinting at a bigger role for Notepad in future Windows versions.

As WordPad takes a bow, Microsoft Word remains the titan of word processing. Microsoft recommends Word for dealing with rich text documents like .doc and .rtf files, which should come as no surprise given its extensive features and capabilities.

With WordPad on the way out, Microsoft is guiding users towards using Microsoft Word for more complex text documents and Windows Notepad for simpler, plain text files. Both are robust choices, although one comes at a cost and the other is minimalistic.

This decision marks an end of an era for long-time Windows users who have appreciated WordPad for its simplicity and no-cost availability. It also indicates Microsoft's focus on delivering more advanced and feature-rich text editing solutions for its user base.

While WordPad’s retirement may bring on a sense of nostalgia, it shows Microsoft's commitment to streamlining its offerings and focusing on applications that offer richer features and functionalities. Keep an eye out for future updates, as the world of Windows is ever-changing!

👋 Farewell WordPad, You Will Be Missed!