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Microsoft Unveils New Web App Store: A Fresh Take on Windows Apps

Microsoft revamps its web app store with a sleek design and enhanced functionality, paving the way for a modernized Windows app experience.

Microsoft's redesigned web app store interface displaying a range of apps.

Wave goodbye to the old, and usher in the new. Microsoft has completely transformed its web version of the Microsoft Store, offering users a sleeker UI and a more intuitive journey to discover Windows apps. This revamped web store seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft Store client on both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Gone is the antiquated React codebase, making way for the futuristic integration of Shoelace, Lit, Vite, and a robust C# ASPNET backend. Microsoft engineer Judah Gabriel shared insights on this transformation on X (previously known as Twitter), shedding light on the transition from the outdated UI framework to a contemporary web tech stack. "We prioritized the user experience, and the end result is a harmonious blend of modern design and ease of navigation," said Gabriel.

What's the primary motive behind this upgrade? It's all about synergy. While the web store won't replace the main Microsoft Store app, it acts as its web counterpart. In Gabriel's words, "They are two sides of the same coin."

This isn't just about Windows, though. With hints dropped earlier by Xbox chief Phil Spencer about Microsoft's venture into an Xbox mobile gaming store, the stage is set for an expansive digital marketplace. And with potential regulations nudging giants like Apple and Google to diversify their mobile app store landscape, Microsoft's timely evolution may place it right at the forefront. The anticipated launch of Microsoft's Xbox mobile gaming store by 2024 could be a game-changer, especially with the EU's Digital Markets Act coming into play.