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Microsoft's Bing Chat Set to Launch on Third-Party Browsers and Mobile Devices

Microsoft's Bing Chat set to roll out on third-party browsers, intensifying AI competition. Here's how Microsoft's AI chatbot aims to reshape the browsing experience.

Bing Chat to Expand: Targets Chrome, Safari, and Mobile

Microsoft intensifies its AI ambitions, announcing the Bing Chat's forthcoming debut on third-party browsers, including the likes of Chrome and Safari, and not forgetting mobile platforms.

This strategic move showcases Microsoft's endeavor to compete fiercely in the AI arena, beyond its proprietary platforms. Presently, Bing Chat graces the Bing mobile app and the Edge browser. With this expansion, it's poised to lock horns with stalwarts like Google's AI search tools embedded within the Chrome browser and Google mobile app.

As the company reaches the six-month mark with AI-integrated Bing, Microsoft elaborates on the rationale behind this transition. The primary intent is to spotlight Bing's potent capabilities, including succinct answer generation, image creation, and more. The objective is to bring the much-lauded Bing features to a wider audience across various browsers.

But, Microsoft also gives a nudge to users hinting at the optimal Bing Chat experience residing within the Edge browser. Tests divulged that Bing Chat on Chrome capped conversations at five messages, a stark contrast to Edge's 30. Also, Chrome users will find themselves restricted to 2,000 characters as opposed to Edge's 3,000. Edge, evidently, unlocks enhanced Bing features, longer dialogues, chat archives, and more.

The blog post also takes readers on a quick recap of Bing Chat's recent advancements. Notably, Bing now offers multimodal visual search—a feature echoing Google's 2021 innovation. Bing Chat's iteration capitalizes on Open AI, enabling users to feed images and subsequently pose correlated queries to the chatbot. Plus, the debut of Dark Mode, the announcement of Bing Chat Enterprise for stringent data protection needs, further amplify its value proposition.

The traction Bing Chat has garnered is evident from its staggering metrics: a whopping 1 billion chats, 750 million images processed, and a consistent growth trajectory on Edge for nine quarters straight.

While Microsoft remains tight-lipped about the exact launch date of Bing Chat for third-party browsers, the buzz is palpable. As Microsoft casts its AI net wider, the digital landscape eagerly awaits the ripple effects.