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Near Foundation Unveils Two New Tools to Support Web3 Developers

Near Foundation introduces zkWASM and Near Data Availability to provide advanced tools for web3 developers. The partnership with Polygon Labs enhances blockchain interoperability.

Near Foundation Launches zkWASM and Near Data Availability to Empower Web3 Developersweb3

Near Foundation, the organization responsible for developing the Near protocol, has taken a significant step towards enhancing the capabilities of web3 developers by introducing two innovative products. These initiatives aim to provide developers with better tools for blockchain development and interoperability.

Near Foundation has announced a strategic partnership with Polygon Labs to collaboratively develop zkWASM, a zero-knowledge prover specifically designed for WebAssembly blockchains. The partnership is geared towards making zkWASM accessible to developers working with the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK), a software development kit tailored for creating Ethereum-compatible networks. This strategic move positions Near Foundation as a key contributor to Polygon CDK, fostering trustless interoperability between Near, Ethereum, and the broader web3 ecosystem.

The collaboration leverages Polygon Labs' pioneering research and development in zero-knowledge technology, combined with the Near Foundation's expertise in WebAssembly (WASM). The result is a zero-knowledge solution that stands at the forefront of the Web3 market, offering advanced tools and features for developers.

In addition to zkWASM, Near Foundation has introduced the Near Data Availability layer, a solution aimed at providing Ethereum rollup developers with essential data availability. This innovation eliminates the need for costly data posting, offering a more cost-effective and reliable solution. Near Foundation's track record of over three years with 100% uptime on the Near Layer 1 (L1) blockchain ensures the reliability and security of the data availability layer. This enhancement allows developers to access secure data availability while working within the Ethereum modular blockchain landscape.

Illia Polosukhin, Co-founder of Near Foundation, emphasized the value these innovations bring to developers, regardless of the technology stack they are using. With zkWASM and Near Data Availability, Near Foundation is committed to empowering web3 developers with cutting-edge tools and fostering interoperability within the blockchain ecosystem.

These two products demonstrate Near Foundation's dedication to advancing the web3 space and providing developers with the tools they need to build secure, reliable, and cost-effective blockchain solutions. The strategic partnership with Polygon Labs and the release of Near Data Availability open new opportunities for developers and strengthen the overall web3 ecosystem.

In summary, Near Foundation's introduction of zkWASM and Near Data Availability represents a significant leap forward in enhancing the capabilities of web3 developers. These innovations offer powerful tools and features to streamline blockchain development, promote interoperability, and support the growth of the web3 ecosystem.