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Netflix Levels Up with its New Game Controller App for TV Gaming!

Netflix breaks new ground, introducing an app that turns your phone into a game controller for TV. Ready to level up your binge-watching sessions?

Netflix’s Game Controller App

Get your gaming hats on because Netflix is ready to serve your dual bingeing needs! After teasing its move into cloud gaming last fall, Netflix just dropped a bombshell: its brand new "Netflix Game Controller" app. Soon, you'll be able to sync your phone with your TV and let the games begin, right from your comfy couch!

While this exciting app has made its presence felt in the App Store, Netflix loves a good cliffhanger. There's no word yet on which games will make their debut on your big screen. The only hint? A tantalizing “Coming soon to Netflix” in the app’s description.

But here’s some flashback for you: Mike Verdu, Netflix’s VP of gaming, had spilled some beans last October. Speaking at TechCrunch Disrupt, he mentioned their foray into "a cloud gaming offering" and announced a brand new gaming studio set up in the sunny alleys of Southern California. This is the same genius hub led by Chacko Sonny, the mastermind behind Overwatch at Blizzard Entertainment. However, if you’re picturing a Netflix vs. PlayStation or Xbox face-off, think again. Netflix's offering is more of an added delight to its current services.

Here's the real game-changer: Netflix's gaming is a part of your streaming package. No extra fees! They've got their eyes on the prize, believing that while other cloud gaming ventures might’ve stumbled, it's the business approach, not the tech, that's the real challenge.

Leanne Loombe, Netflix's VP of external games, was all praise for their cloud gaming mission earlier this year, envisioning a seamless gaming experience on any Netflix-compatible device. And if you're wondering about their game lineup, hold onto your seats: 40 games are ready for a roll-out, with an additional 86 games brewing in the studios.

So, with Netflix's impressive gaming count since 2021 and a sneak peek into an iPhone-based game controller this March, the future of TV gaming looks nothing short of epic.