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Never Miss a Moment: YouTube's New Reminder Button for Live Streams

Are you a die-hard YouTube fan who can't get enough of your favorite content creators? Or maybe you're a creator yourself, looking for ways to boost your viewership and keep your fans engaged. Either way, you're going to love YouTube's latest update - a brand new "reminder" button for upcoming live streams.

Now, with just the click of a button, viewers can opt to receive a notification before their favorite creators go live, ensuring they never miss a moment of the action. And for creators, this new feature is a fantastic way to increase viewership and keep fans excited about upcoming live streams.

The reminder button is incredibly user-friendly. When a creator schedules a live stream, viewers will see the "Set Reminder" button beneath the video. Simply click that button, and YouTube will automatically send a notification before the stream begins. It's a game-changer for viewers who don't want to constantly check the platform for updates and a great way for creators to build their audience.

YouTube's latest update is just one more way the platform is making it easier for creators and viewers to connect. So if you're a fan of live streams, don't miss out on this awesome new feature. Click that reminder button and never miss a moment again!