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Neverland ECD Transition: From Noel Bunting to Adam&EveDDB's Duo

Neverland’s executive creative director, Noel Bunting, departs after three years. The agency welcomes Andy Clough and Rich McGrann from Adam&EveDDB as her successors.

ECD Shift: Noel Bunting Exits, Clough & McGrann In

Neverland's creative helm is experiencing a shift in leadership. The agency bids farewell to Noel Bunting, who has rendered her innovative vision as the executive creative director for over three years. Stepping into these shoes will be the dynamic duo from Adam&EveDDB, Andy Clough and Rich McGrann.

Slated to commence their new roles in January 2024, Clough and McGrann have carved a significant mark during their tenure at Adam&EveDDB since 2021. Their creative prowess is evident in their spearheaded campaigns, especially the 'Last Photo' initiative for CALM and the heartwarming John Lewis Christmas advertisement titled 'The Beginner'.

Expressing his enthusiasm, McGrann stated, "We’ve observed Neverland’s ascension in the creative world and are ecstatic about being a part of its journey. Their ingenuity, expertise, and affability are commendable, and we're eager to contribute to shaping its future trajectory."

In the interim phase leading to Clough and McGrann's onboarding, the agency will see co-founder Jon Forsyth persisting as the chief creative officer, supported by Hugh Todd who will serve as the interim executive creative director.

Sharing his sentiments on the transition, Forsyth remarked, "Noel's departure is bittersweet. We cherish the magical moments and creativity she brought to Neverland and wish her an enchanting journey ahead. Concurrently, the addition of Andy and Rich is exhilarating. Their globally recognized creativity is awe-inspiring, and we're eager to collaborate and elevate Neverland's creative endeavors."