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New Stance, Miroma Group's Influencer Marketing Agency, Hires Former Sky Director as New Business and Marketing Director

Miroma Group's New Stance Hires Former Sky Director as Business and Marketing Director

New Stance, an influencer marketing and creative social agency within the Miroma Group, has appointed Barry Louth as its new business and marketing director. The move is part of the agency’s strategy to expand its services to major brands and advertisers in the sports and entertainment sectors. Louth, who has previously worked for social media agency The Fifth Group and Sky, brings over a decade of experience and expertise to the role.

During his time at Sky, Louth rose to the position of director of media strategy, innovation and investment, where he was responsible for deploying over £250 million media investment across multiple products and services. He was also instrumental in launching major brands such as Now TV and Sky Mobile.

Louth’s appointment reflects New Stance’s focus on leveraging influencer-led partnerships to deliver impactful and creative campaigns for its clients. The agency has already worked with leading brands in the sports and entertainment industries, including Spotify, Paramount+, and Hubba Bubba, and it intends to build on its success with Louth’s experience and expertise.

According to Louth, influencer-led partnerships remain the most impactful and engaging medium for brands to reach new audiences, particularly with the surge in popularity of short-form video content. He believes that while other strategies have come into play, influencer marketing continues to be the most effective and engaging tool for brands to connect with their target audiences.

New Stance founder and CEO Mark Keisner said he was thrilled to have Louth on board, citing his track record in identifying opportunities for forward-thinking businesses. Keisner added that Louth’s appointment would drive the agency’s opportunities to deliver impactful and creative partnerships for its clients.

The agency’s focus on influencer-led partnerships is a reflection of the increasing importance of social media and digital marketing in the advertising industry. As consumers continue to spend more time on social media platforms, brands are increasingly turning to influencer marketing to reach their target audiences in a more engaging and authentic way. With Louth’s appointment, New Stance is well-positioned to help its clients take advantage of this trend and drive growth in their businesses.