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New Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino's Shares Strategic Focus Areas to Revive Advertiser Opportunities

Linda Yaccarino, Twitter's new CEO, unveils her initial plan for reinvigorating Twitter’s business. The plan includes a focus on video, AI, in-stream commerce, and celebrity influence to drive user engagement.

Twitter's new CEO Linda Yaccarino presenting her strategy for rebuilding the platform.

Twitter's reputation among advertisers needs rebuilding, and new CEO Linda Yaccarino is up for the challenge. A recent report reveals Yaccarino's initial action plan for rejuvenating Twitter’s business, with video, AI, and in-stream commerce as the main focal points.

Yaccarino's preliminary plan includes:

  1. Full-screen, sound-on ads: Yaccarino plans to introduce a full-screen, sound-on ad offering that inserts promotions into Twitter's scrollable video feed. The aim is to align with the short video trend spearheaded by TikTok and make video content a bigger focus in the app.
  2. Attracting celebrities and influencers: The new CEO intends to attract high-profile users to Twitter by pitching the platform as a superior choice for sharing content. Despite the challenge of competing with platforms with larger userbases, this strategy could solidify Twitter's place as a key news content app.
  3. AI ad tools: Yaccarino plans to introduce generative AI elements to Twitter's ad system, aiding brand partners in creating, testing, and improving their campaigns. This long-term goal will contribute to the development of a better and more equitable system for ad partners.
  4. In-app shopping: Yaccarino aims to incorporate in-stream payments in the app, opening up new opportunities for eCommerce and product marketing.
  5. Hand-to-hand combat: In an effort to re-establish trust, Yaccarino plans to hire more sales staff for face-to-face meetings with potential ad partners.

Yaccarino acknowledges that there are obstacles to overcome, such as overcoming the perception that Twitter is not as brand-safe as it once was, and potential regulatory challenges related to payments. Despite this, she is confident that her experience will lead to short-term success in re-building the platform's ad business.

Yaccarino is scheduled to share more about her vision for Twitter 2.0 in a Twitter Spaces presentation in early August. The industry will be keenly observing how these strategic initiatives evolve and their impact on the Twitter marketing landscape.